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Tune Holstein -Chopin præludium 4 - Nocturne no 20
Chopin Præludium no 4 / e minor Chopin Nocturne no 20 / C Sharp minorFARJADI PIANO SCHOOL - Student concert 2017

Asgar spiller Clementi Rondo i C dur

Farjadi Piano School

David spiller Fariborz lachini,In my little Autumn trees had just one leaf

Farjadi Piano School

Concert In Rundetårn / Copenhagen Nov. 2013 / Aria Farjadi performs Zibaroy

Aria Farjadi & Jonas Rubin performs Zibaroy opus 18 by Aria Farjadi

THE HUMANS GAME - Composed By Aria Farjadi

Koncert i Rundetårn 2012 - Piano for 4 hands - The Humans Game- Composed by Aria Farjadi

Jonas Rubin plays The Culture Harmony - Feb 2012

Farjadi Piano School

David improvise jazz - Feb 2012

Farjadi Piano School

Jonas Rubin ,Why Not , Juli 2011

Jonas Rubin

Playing By Heart,Farjadi Piano School

Ema plays duo - Beyer no 10 - Feb 2012

Farjadi Piano School

Ema Plays Duo - Beyer no 11- Feb 2012

Farjadi Piano School

Mathias spiller Chopin Nocturne i Gmol op 37 no 1

Farjadi Piano School