Rates and Rules for the year 2022-2023 are as follows:

Short-term appointments / lessons by arrangement with flexible hours:

There are agreed upon and prepaid for at least 4 lessons at a time.

(Not binding)

30 minutes lesson: 300 kr. + Registration fee  =  1450 kr. pr month 

45 minutes lesson: 450 kr. + Registration fee  =  2050 kr. pr month

60 minutes lesson : 600 kr. + Registration fee =  2650 kr. pr month


The Registration Fee is an initial one-time payment and is non-refundable.

*Registration fee and renewing of contract are 250 kr.

long-term contracts - Seasonal tuition

One fasting day per week (The binding period is a whole school year)

The FARJADI PIANO SCHOOL curriculum generally follows the school year in terms of.

holidays and holidays. However, it is organized so that everyone during one

teaching years get the same number of hours as planned.

30 min. lesson DKK 300 = DKK 1200 per month

45 min. lesson DKK 450 = DKK 1800 per month

60 min. lesson DKK 600 = DKK 2400 per month

All levels of Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced: 1 Lesson per week

(To achieve faster results for beginners, 2 Lessons per week are


* Prices are based on the teaching sessions being held regularly once a


* Costs of books and other educational materials are paid by the student.

* If the student is absent from a teaching session, the lesson would not be


* If the teacher is absent from the teaching session, the session and the

corresponding lesson would be replaced, or the related fee amount would

be deducted from the next month's payment per student request.

How to Get Started:

Fill out the registration form on menu under registration or send us an

email with your name, age and a contact phone number, and you will be

contacted as soon as possible.

You may also contact us by calling our direct number: 22266843 to arrange

a trial lesson.